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"I am not your master.

I am someone who has the power to connect you with the master in you."


A Gift From The Master To The Universe 

Founder of the H.E.P art, Ustady is a multidimensional master in many therapeutic arts, healing arts, martial, and self-mastery arts, to name a few. Ustady offers 33 years of teachings to enable each person to change their life, switch their state of consciousness, and unleash their self-realizing power.

Ustady H.E.P is a gift to the universe, to heal, elevate and perfect each human being, so that they can lift the veils of confusion in their consciousness, touch their full potential, and the truth within themselves.

It is an art of perfectioning your personality, a training of your consciousness through your physical, emotional, spiritual and radiant bodies.

All orchestrated and conveyed by the TOUCH.

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"I am not your master, I am someone who has the power to connect you to the master within you."

Are you within you? Are you in this life? Are you yourself?
If you are not yourself, you cannot know what is going on inside you. Your attention is paralyzed. You cannot contemplate, so you are not yourself.

This is the myth of your being.

All human beings are looking for joy. But they don't know the way to joy.

Why don't they know the way to joy?

Because they don't know how to enjoy.
Knowing who you are is the frequency that gives you the elements to experience who you are.
This frequency allows you to identify how to connect to the source of your being so that you can touch your conception and then touch your conceptor.
This is the only way to touch your value by touching what the conceptor has put into you.

“I am the antidote to any poison that handicaps your joy of living”


H.E.P is the art of learning to take the right position and project yourself with rightness. This is what increases your efficiency in what you do.




Transform, dissolve, regenerate to generate.
Give a suitable form to what you generate.
It is the art of highlighting your acquired heritage


A set of tools, embellished by THE TOUCH that empowers you to tap into your potential and serve any type
of interaction in your daily life.
It is to realize and to realize yourself in order to build an identity suitable to your human ethic.

A power that conveys the use of the tool in the direction of directing it towards an objective that serves everyone according to their needs.



Want to meet with yourself?

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Touch Retreat

Attend Ustady seminars: Intensive teaching stays led by Ustady, composed of healing sessions, HEP practice, meditations with immediate transformative power conveyed by the TOUCH.

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One To One

Individual meeting with Ustady: personalized diagnosis and specific interventions (Power of healing) in the sense of discovering yourself in order to discover what you are. The meeting is an opportunity to have the right professional, spiritual and personal orientation.

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Online Class

Weekly appointments; the opportunity to benefit continuously from the HEP practice and the unique teachings of Ustady.

Every human being has the right to happiness because he was created out of love.
Happiness is a right, making a path to reach it is a duty.