"I am not your master.

I am someone who has the power to connect you with the master in you."

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A Gift From The Master To The Universe 

Today, we are 7.7 billion human beings in the universe, spread in 5 continents, 195 countries, we speak 6,500 languages, practice 4,200 religions and come from more than 5,000 ethnicities...

Wars, conflicts, depressions, addictions, the world is alienated by such pain, sadness and struggle.

Difference of religions, ethnicities and cultures is at the heart of the distance that separate human beings. So they lose their humanity, get trapped in doubt, insecurity and lack of confidence.

Equally, in every corner of the planet, human beings are looking for the same things, to live a peaceful and successful life, get to know, trust and love themselves, touch joy and ultimately reach happiness.

Ustady, a recognized Master in self-control and martial arts, yoga and healing powers to name a few, dedicated more than thirty years of his life on how to make human beings move away from difference to indifference and then to universality. In one word, to be humans.

He therefore created Ustady H.E.P, as a gift to the universe, to heal, elevate and perfect every human being, for the latter to remove the veils of confusion in their consciousness, touch their full potential, and the truth within themselves.


I am here to say 

how are you !

Because if you aren't you

You can’t know how are you

Then the first question is : are you in you ?

You are in this life? Or you are in life?

What is difference between this and that?

If you are not you, you can’t know what’s the matter in you.

Because when you are not you, your attention is paralyzed. That’s why you can’t contemplate.

And when you can’t contemplate, you aren’t you.

So you can’t know how are you because you don’t know who are you.

This is the myth of your being.

Because all human beings are looking for the joy.

But the problem is that the humans don’t know the way to joy.

Why ?

Because they don’t know how to be in joy.

To be in joy is to know how are you, in the sense that to perceive how are you.

Who are you it’s frequency which gives you the elements which take you to experience who are you.

This frequency permits you to identify how to connect to your source of being in the way to touch your conception, then touch your conceptionner.

This is the only way to touch your value by touching what the conceptionner made in you or gave you such benediction.


H.E.P is the art of learning to take the right position and project yourself with rightness. This is what increases your efficiency in what you do.


It's to get liberated from conflicts, tensions and resistances that handicap your evolution and elevation.


It's to capitalize on the performance, the skills liberated from the Heal stage and to objectivize them by the power of orientation and determination with the aim to touch success in its greatness. A success that is relative to touching different states of perfection.


It's to know how to liberate yourself from all idealization functioning by identifying imperfections in order to know what you need to do to touch perfection in its different intensities. It's the art of excelling.


Upcoming Event

Touch your focus

Touch Retreat

Attend Ustady Seminars to experience  the touch through H.E.P Practice and Ustady Teachings.

One To One

Have the opportunity to meet Ustady in a One to One for a specific diagnostic and intervention upon acceptance.

Online Class

Enjoy the unique Ustady Classes that have been running, multiple times a week for more than 30 years non stop. 

There is a big difference between hearing about God and experiencing God. Experiencing God is touching a state of stability, capacity and power. It's having the chance to access your assets and skills to engage them in what you do in order to achieve a determined result.