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Ustady H.E.P

"I'm not here to eliminate stress, anxiety or your big bellies. I'm here to change your life, your field of consciousness and your field of realization, by teaching you how to put a smile on your life and how to make your soul smile."

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Meditations . Exercises . Healing


To be healed is to get liberated from conflicts, tensions and resistances that handicap your evolution and elevation.


To get elevated is to capitalize on the performance, the skills liberated from the Heal stage and to objectivize them by the power of orientation and determination with the aim to touch success in its greatness. A success that is relative to touching different states of perfection.


To perfectionize is to know how to liberate yourself from all idealization functioning by identifying imperfections in order to know what you need to do to touch perfection in its different intensities. It is the art of excelling.

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The biggest problematic that Ustady H.E.P. deals with in the first place is resistance to change. Everybody thinks about change and thinks about building to touch this change without preparing the platform for change. Unfortunately, the resistance to change prevents the human being from having the ability to unveil their consciousness of the veils that prevent their dilatation, and this handicaps any tendency to change.


When we talk about the dilation of the field of consciousness, we talk about the liberation of all elements that give the power and capacity to project every reflection or perception into realization. 


Talking about performance, excellence and perfecting is a further step because without freeing oneself from all resistance to change they will not be touched.


"Realizing ourselves is experiencing the reality of who we are."


When we talk about dilatation of consciousness and realization field, we're talking about 'Who are we?' and 'How do we want to project or realize ourselves in relation to the event?'


This dilatation allows us to get rid of the resistances, conflicts and tensions that intensify the distance between what we want to be and what we are.


So dilating the field of consciousness and realization allows us to shorten the distance that will bring closer what we are and how we project ourselves.


The Ustady H.E.P. practice allows you to experience fulfillment and ease of concretization by liberating the power of projection by giving shape to your reflection and adapting it to your field of realization.


Ustady H.E.P is a way to touch greatness by releasing momentum and ambition and touching capacity in its greatness in the sense of travelling from capacity to more intense capacity or switching an incapacity into capacity by dilating your field of consciousness and your field of realization.



H.E.P. - Heal. Elevate. Perfect is an art of perfecting the human being's personality. The H.E.P. practice has the objective of serving the human being through the power of identification of any limitation, obstacle or handicap that blocks him from evolving and elevating in order to touch a state of consciousness that will make him productive in all senses, with the objective to learn the art of making use of his potential, his skills and his capacity.

The art consists of:


A combination of exercises of breathing, meditation, sound vibrations, which work on the energy centres and on all the elements that constitute the human being;


A meditative component that develops the presence of the human being in his relationship with himself and in what he does; 


A Healing component that has as its basis the work of intention and attention and above all the art of linking, or rather the art of connecting.

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"When I touch someone's potential, everything comes out, there's something called explosion of the power related to a potential, a caliber, a quintessence, an authenticity and so on."


H.E.P : 3 keys to success

H.E.P. is about touching assets related to your identity; in the sense of touching assets that have an added value or that expand your field of achievement and serve your field of consciousness.


H.E.P. is the triggering of the projection power of these assets; by how to project them or give them a form adapted to the need that manifests itself in order to have the maximum material and immaterial profit without investing or with a minimum investment. So it's the optimization and management of energy and effort in each action. It's valuing what you do in your conscience and in your relationship with the event.


H.E.P. is the art of entering in interaction with your being; by being what you are in what you do and in your relationship with your event, in the sense of touching your being instead of trying to touch your intellect. This is made possible by the power of projection that respects your capacity and convenience, by this capacity to adapt it to the manifest need of your event.


So that requires Heal. Elevate. Perfect.

Every human being has the right to happiness because he was created out of love.

Happiness is a right, making a path to reach it is a duty.

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