"I don't teach with a tool. I teach by a joke, by my glance, by my presence, by divine fragrance. It's the touch."

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To be in Ustady space gives you chance to give a smile to your life by the power of transformation and dissolution of conflict, resistance, tension, that handicap you to function by your values side.

The touch 

The Touch is two principles:

  • Dissolution

  • Transformation

Tensions, resistances, conflicts that generate handicaps at personal, professional and spiritual levels.

When you are with Ustady, these 2 processes are triggered, so you benefit from the dissolution and transformation of all tensions, resistances, conflicts, and handicaps that block your momentum and prevent your liberation to happen in order to expand your field of realization and your field of consciousness.

Ustady's touch allows access to your potential as well as your skills in order to strengthen your caliber and therefore your functionalities with the objective to go beyond your limitations, by accessing your reservoir of powers and abilities.

This is the key to every success. It's the accession to any focus you would determine in every field.

There is a big difference between hearing about God and experiencing God. Experiencing God is touching a state of stability, capacity and power. It's having the chance to access your assets and skills to engage them in what you do in order to achieve a determined result.