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Ustady The Story
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"I'm here to make divine beings in the sense of putting every human being on the rails to experience their happiness on accessentual journey."



Gathering a unique combination of disciplines, arts and practices, Ustady is a Master of several Self-Control, 

Martial and Therapeutic Arts, among which Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Karate Shotokane, Art of Zen Chin Kay Chito Ryu, Yoga, and Art of Healing. 

Ustady started his journey at the age of 6 – with Martial Arts, and became an International Professor of Martial Arts at the age of 17. 


"After many years of work, I have grasped one thing; to have a calibre that has the capacity to be a horse of your accession, is to liberate yourself from your temperament by touching the power of neutrality in your functioning, in the sense of doing what needs to be done in time and space. It' s the key to accomplishing the experiences that ensure your pathway."


His journey was marked by a series of milestones, namely his beginning in Shaolin Temple in China and his meetings with different Great Masters from all corners of the world. A Chinese Master was the first to teach him Kung Fu in its multiple forms, then Ustady pursued his apprenticeship path with Buddhist, Yogi and Sufi Masters that have contributed to his accomplishment as a Master. 

He travelled from knowledge to knowledge, Chinese, Japanese, Indian ... From each of these, Ustady drew countless teachings on the Martial, Therapeutic and Sufi levels.

When asked about his distinctive track-record, fulfilled by remarkable achievements and multidisciplinary Mastery in the different fields, Ustady answers that: All the diplomas were only the beginning, the most important part is what came after, and that those (diplomas) were just the path toward “Accession”. 

He then dedicated long years of his life to meditate and investigate in the depths of therapeutic and energy avenues. As a result, he achieved unprecedented levels of consciousness and meditative states and by the age of 40, he started touching great powers. 

From the forty years of Martial Arts, thirty years of Sufi experience and teaching, Ustady developed a holistic practice, bringing together all he acquired, from different techniques, arts and cultures into one Universal teaching, free of any belief system that he decided to share with the entire universe.

He named his practice H.E.P – Heal. Elevate. Perfect. 


"The first thing I did after the beginning of my accession was to liberate myself from the status of master, teacher, etc. and begin to take the position of master-student, student-master in my approach to reflecting my accession...

Which means that you can journey as a master, a teacher... but few people have the ability to remain apprentices at the same time as they are masters, experts, teachers... it means that the habit does not make the monk, and the place does not make the spiritual, and the number of followers does not show your value..."

Every human being has the right to happiness because he was created out of love.

Happiness is a right, making a path to reach it is a duty.

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