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Technique 1 - Exercise 

This exercise works on polarity and gravity. At the same time, it's going to give you an unprecedented stability that will push you to self-realization and achievement. 

I close my fists, I extend my index fingers and I hang them on each other.  

I turn the palm of the left hand forward and the fist of the right hand towards the ground. 

I pull and align the elbows, keeping the forearms parallel to the floor. 

I inhale in 5 steps. At each breath, I pull to the sides. After the 5th breath, I push my hands back, turn my head up and exhale. 

I lower my arms slowly, I don't let myself be managed by the pace.

The arms always remain aligned and parallel to the ground. 

I repeat the inspiration in 5 steps.

I work with a relaxed jaw.


We always finalize the exercise with three blocks that we call closures.  

Inhale through your nose and push your arms back in the same posture. 

Hold the breath.

Pull hard, open the elbows. 

Push the navel back. Squeeze the anus, sex, belly and push the head and arms back. 

Exhale strongly like a fire cannon, with your mouth.


For busy people: 22 min

For people who are not busy and have a lot of free time: 12 min

Technique 2 - Rotation

After this exercise, stand up and rotate the hips and then the head to release the joints before moving into meditation.

Stand upright. 

Hip rotation. 

Release your legs to get the blood flowing in preparation for starting meditation.

Switch to the other direction.


Stay standing.

Rotate your head.

Release the back of the neck. Make big stretches with a rotating motion to dissolve or transform them. Discover and identify where the tensions reside. 

A good rotation is how to bring the ear closer to the shoulder without moving the shoulder. 

Change to the other direction.  

Technique 3 - Meditation

This meditation is with the Hoo and the Heyy. The Hoo is related to polarity and the Heyy is related to gravity. 

I alternate between the Hoo and the Heyy in one meditation, so we will be between polarity and gravity; between the bursting of power and the projection of power.

I vibrate the Hoo in the palate. The tongue should not move. Do not vibrate the sound in the throat. In the palate, there is a point in relation to the brain. When you vibrate the sound of this point, it immediately relaxes your brain. The same thing for vibrating the sound Heyyy.

When you vibrate the sound, you will feel a resonance in all the atoms constituting your head. Later you will feel it in all your cellular system. 


You start the meditation by inhaling through your nose, then exhaling through your mouth before starting to vibrate the sound on the exhale, with your eyes closed.  


33 min for busy people.

21 min for less busy people. 

12 min for people who have nothing to do.

The series gives different results depending on whether it is done at night or in the morning.

If you want to do it in the morning, put the left thumb on the right thumb.

If you want to do it in the evening, put the right thumb up and the left thumb down. 

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Every human being has the right to happiness because he was created out of love.

Happiness is a right, making a path to reach it is a duty.

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