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To have the approach of reading is to touch the capacity to perceive the imprint embodied in words. It allows you to get empowered from what you are reading.

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Today is a great day.

It is the day when Adam and Eve met.

It is the day when the man and woman met.

It is the day when the experience of interaction between solar energy and lunar energy began.

It is the day when the man and woman began their pathway journey by seeing themselves in each other.

It is the day when the human being experienced what it means to be complementary to his partner.

This complementarity allowed the human being to make the impossible possible through the power of fusion.

It is a day when each human being must question their functioning and see if they seek complementarity with their partner or if they are always in opposition and judgment.

The latter is the greatest handicap in a relationship.

It is a great day when each one of us must cleanse ourselves from judgment in order to allow this complementarity to take place and to see ourselves in our partner.

Each one is the other’s mirror in a relationship that allows him/her to see imperfection in order to identify it and know what to do with it to go further.

It is a day when each of us must enter into reconciliation with ourselves by entering in reconciliation with our partner, recognizing what needs to be recognized and considering what needs to be considered.

Happy day and may God bless humanity so that each human being experiences his or her beauty in his or her partner. This is the way to joy of living.


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