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To have the approach of reading is to touch the capacity to perceive the imprint embodied in words. It allows you to get empowered from what you are reading.

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To be saved from a massacre is a divine blessing. It is a symbol that the human being does not possess anything in this life; not even his life.

We are all just users.

We are in “serve” but we are not in “put at the service”. Everything is put at the service by God the Almighty.

To be aware of this is to use what God has put in us, and what God has put at our service without being in possession, Because the latter pushes the human being to be in the obstinacy, discrimination and adversity. And this is against what God has breathed into us and into all of His creation.

Happy Purim, and may God preserve mankind from all massacre. And this only begins by preserving others from any kind of massacre in its way of functioning.