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Ustady Fragrance

"Experiencing divine fragrances is only possible when you touch the beauty of God in what you are doing. It's only through this that your belief gets intensified."

Signature Ustady
Ustady Symbol
Ligne verte Z strip Essai 09062020 (2).p


Music. Songs. Mantras

Ustady fragrance is a combination of tunes projecting the Power of Sound.

The tunes are composed by Ustady, the lyrics written by Ustady and performed by Ustady & various artists. Each tune has been made in a specific state, governed by H.E.P Art (Heal. Elevate. Perfect.).

H.E.P is the law of each work, of each projection. It's the way to create and touch creation.

H.E.P is the foundation of all knowledge. Knowledge that takes status of your way to be. It means, how to give fragrance taste to what you do.


There is a big difference between hearing about God and experiencing God. Experiencing God is touching a state of stability, capacity and power. It's having the chance to access your assets and skills to engage them in what you do in order to achieve a determined result.

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