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"To liberate yourself from your logic reflections, permits you to touch divine knowledge in the sense to experience your existence in what you do."

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Ustady Says

Oceans of Divine Knowledge

Ustady says are a source of knowledge, wisdom and keys to success in all aspects of life.

Ustady offers a gift to the world on a daily basis by transmitting a universal teaching in all thematics: happiness, beauty, success, strategy, the art of relationships, management, spirituality and many others...

Although the themes could seem to be various and different, there is a link that unifies them all, as a reflection of divine knowledge.

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Always follow a knowledge that makes you dream and gives you a strong boost to make your dreams come true.

If you can't swim in your heart's ocean,  you can't find answers. You are still looking for the answer in your head and the answer is not there.

We cannot relate to divine knowledge through our mind, the relationship between us and the sacred space is through the heart. When I speak about the heart, I speak of our sensorial system, our system of perception, our system of receptivity.


The heart perceives a knowledge, an idea in its raw state, and the mind relates to this perception and gives it a form to project it as a concrete, touchable and assimilable reflection.

Don't follow any knowledge that makes you dream.

Always follow a knowledge that makes you dream and gives you a strong boost to make your dreams come true.

Touch quintescence with your senses


Read extracts and syntheses of Ustady teachings delivered in his classes as if you were there. 


Listen to the Audio transcription of Ustady Says to get empowered by the powerful vibration of these enlightenments.  


Watch videos of Ustady in class delivering his teachings of H.E.P Practice & Divine Knowledge.

There is a big difference between hearing about God and experiencing God. Experiencing God is touching a state of stability, capacity and power. It's having the chance to access your assets and skills to engage them in what you do in order to achieve a determined result.

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