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Morning Practice - 22 Minutes Exercise (1)

Close your fists. Pull in the navel. Align the hands with the shoulders. Elbows are close to the ribs. Hands are next to the shoulders. Wrists are facing the front. Adjust hands with elbows. Start by inhaling through the nose. Exhale through the mouth. Empty the lungs well before starting. Say the sound HEY 7 times with pumping the abdomen by squeezing and releasing the points without opening the hands. Focus on the energy centres. Press on your organs as you pump the abdomen. Do not move your lips when you pronounce the sound. Do not move the body in the movement, only the abdomen and hands.


Apply the 3 closures: 

Inhale. Exhale the first time.

Then inhale. Hold. Relax and shake the whole body.


Repeat the last time.

Stand-up and move your whole body for 3 minutes.

Morning Practice - 7 Minutes Exercise (2)

Fingers spread. Hands in a U-shape. Elbows aligned with shoulders. Forearms parallel. Elbows and shoulders parallel. Fire breathing. Inhale into this posture. Exhale as you bring your right hand over your left hand without them touching towards the first chakra. Continue the movement with the second chakra: the sex chakra, the third chakra: the navel, the fourth chakra: the heart centre, the fifth chakra: the throat, the sixth chakra: the forehead (third eye), and finally the seventh chakra: the head. Eyes closed. Intention moves with the hands. With palms facing the chakra, relate your intention to the place where this chakra is located. Synchronise action with breathing. Start slowly for the first 3 minutes to locate the areas. Change the pace as you go along. Then speed up the last 4 minutes.


Apply the 3 closures: 

With eyes closed, inhale as you stretch your arms up higher in V-posture - behind the ears. Spread your fingers. Hold the breath. Pull in the belly. Squeeze hard. Exhale through the mouth. Do not lower your arms.

Repeat 3 times. 

Finish by lowering your arms gently downwards.

Morning Practice - 17 Minutes Meditation (3)

Hands crossed diagonally, placed on the chest, right hand over left hand. Eyes closed.

Pronounce the mantra without pumping the abdomen. Follow the music and move your intention with the 7 times of the HEY to the 7 chakras. In each HEY, relate to a chakra.


Apply the three closures:

Inhale. Press on the thoracic cavity. Pull in the belly, sex and double the chin.

Allow this energy to awaken your seven energy centres.


Repeat 3 times. 

Finish with 5 minutes of relaxation.

Evening Practice - 17 Minutes Meditation 

Meditation to be done in bed, lying down. Start chanting the mantra until you travel into the divine space.

For those who can, second option is to do it in sitting position, hands in prayer posture.

There is a big difference between hearing about God and experiencing God. Experiencing God is touching a state of stability, capacity and power. It's having the chance to access your assets and skills to engage them in what you do in order to achieve a determined result.