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To have the approach of reading is to touch the capacity to perceive the imprint embodied in words. It allows you to get empowered from what you are reading.

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Israa and Miraj is an event that reflects the accession journey related to a prophetic experience, to teach the human being that he is, every day, every moment, in the experimentation and accession, in everything he does.

It’s a journey to acquire capacity and comeback in order to make use of it in self-realization as well as achievements.

Life is a journey that starts from transcendence and goes towards accession.

It’s a journey between the angelic and the diabolic.

It’s a journey between the celestial and the earthly.

In a nutshell, this journey is only a trigger of a consciousness switch, which allows touching capacity, coming back to make use of it and to honor your duties and obligations related to your contribution in all types of relationships.

To be aware of this is to know that every experience has a starting point that allows this accession to take place in order to reach achievements that will allow the human being to face the challenges that manifest in his daily life.

Happy celebration.

And may God bless all humanity by being in the accessentuality which allows each individual to touch everything that is supreme and to free himself from all that demean him in his functioning.

It’s to touch everything that makes him credible and liberate himself from all that make him lose credibility.

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