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To have the approach of reading is to touch the capacity to perceive the imprint embodied in words. It allows you to get empowered from what you are reading.

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Optimism - Pessimism - Success - Failure

A new season begins. A new year is opening up to you through which you will travel from one experience to another, from one happiness state to another, while refining your abilities in order to have the merit of accessing and going further.

Accession will be afforded by being relaxed in the relationship. This is the difference between human beings. The state of non-relaxation, - resistance - hinders the human being from intensely rejuvenating himself from any experience.

But then, what is it in us that prevents this relaxation? What handicaps our accession? What is the origin of our blockages and how do we dissolve them?

A lot of questions and problematics that arise and which we will, this year, answer but also resolve.

Before that, let's ponder the difference between wanting to change and being able to change.

Wanting to change comes from a desire. Wanting to change comes from a state of consciousness relating to optimism. If there isn't this state of optimism, you will never have the urge to want to change. So, it is very important to have the desire to change. Change what? To change a functioning which is the source of your problems and your suffering.

So let's start the change!

Together we will bring forth a flow relating to optimism and this can only be afforded by cleaning ourselves of any flow, any frequency relating to a state of pessimism.