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To have the approach of reading is to touch the capacity to perceive the imprint embodied in words. It allows you to get empowered from what you are reading.

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Optimism - Pessimism - Success - Failure

A new season begins. A new year is opening up to you through which you will travel from one experience to another, from one happiness state to another, while refining your abilities in order to have the merit of accessing and going further.

Accession will be afforded by being relaxed in the relationship. This is the difference between human beings. The state of non-relaxation, - resistance - hinders the human being from intensely rejuvenating himself from any experience.

But then, what is it in us that prevents this relaxation? What handicaps our accession? What is the origin of our blockages and how do we dissolve them?

A lot of questions and problematics that arise and which we will, this year, answer but also resolve.

Before that, let's ponder the difference between wanting to change and being able to change.

Wanting to change comes from a desire. Wanting to change comes from a state of consciousness relating to optimism. If there isn't this state of optimism, you will never have the urge to want to change. So, it is very important to have the desire to change. Change what? To change a functioning which is the source of your problems and your suffering.

So let's start the change!

Together we will bring forth a flow relating to optimism and this can only be afforded by cleaning ourselves of any flow, any frequency relating to a state of pessimism.

We will adopt the change not by entering into duality but we will achieve it with a state of taste.

This state of taste arises from that flow that springs from the state of consciousness relating to optimism.

As with everyone else, when you go into an experience, any experience in your life, at a certain point or stage of that experience, there is a frequency that springs up and blocks you, preventing you from continuing to achieve your goal.

This manifestation is due to frequencies relating to pessimism and it manifests itself in a different way for everyone. It starts by saying, for example: that's not it, it was a bad choice, it always ends badly for me, etc.

So first of all, we are going to start by clearing ourselves of any frequency that has to do with "being pessimistic", after which we are going to bring out that flow that comes from a state of "being optimistic".

Why is that? To create this desire to want to change and want to go further, but with taste. Because you have to believe it! When you decide on a goal or an accession, you have to believe in it first. And if you are not optimistic, you can never believe it.

If you don't believe in what you want to achieve, there is disgust that will manifest itself and you will never be able to go further. This disgust stems from this state of pessimism.

We are going to work on bringing out this desire to want to change. The following series of techniques (link exercises and meditations) will cleanse you of any frequency relating to pessimism and bring forth this energetic flow that conveys the state of being optimistic.

Here a question arises: What is the proportion of optimism and the proportion of pessimism that you touch in your functioning?

Let's identify Tom as the clear part and Jerry as the hidden part in you.

When you start talking about Jerry, it comes from a position of pessimism and when you start talking about Tom, it comes from a position of optimism.

So how often do you talk about Tom and how often do you talk about Jerry?

In this way, we will determine the proportion of pessimism and the proportion of optimism in you.

The work on pessimism and optimism will be done this year in different ways. Because that's what will give you unprecedented power and push you to go further. This power is having a good intention. But more important than that is that you identify any frequency and anything that comes to rot that good intention. Because that is what spoils your relationship with the sacred as well as with the Divine.

It manifests itself in something very serious: it causes you to underestimate God in what you do when God is there for you. He is bigger than you think.

What human beings do not understand is that God is there to serve human beings and not to make them suffer. What makes you suffer is when that good intention in God is touched. And that good intention is touched when this frequency of pessimism springs up.

See how the theme is bigger than you think it is?

Extracts from Ustady Class Online 2021/2022.

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